Photo: Julie Madsen

"Edit’s text universe is much embedded of current topics that everyone can relate to her and now; gender awareness, drugs, social relations, politics and humor.

All is presented with a unique and special empathy, where it is clear to see her work with acting.

Look forward to having her words presented in both sound and body"

Michael Juhl Svendsen, Adm. Director, Publishers: Copenhagen Storytellers

"Edit's talents in acting, writing, and directing are a combination that sets her apart from others.Over the years she has produced scripts for various productions and worked with people from all ages onstage and off.

Her diligence and dedication in producing quality work have made her avaluable asset in the delivery of our projects.

We are delighted with her commitment and the contribution she has made to the productionteams and her input with decision making has been invaluable.

Her punctuality, opennessand willing contributions have served us well and show that she has a strong future in thisindustry."

David Jones      

Artistic Director

2b Acting