Edit Nielsen

Vokalist & Writer

Edit is a vocalist and writer of Edit Gonzalez  -a music duo with comedy-drama and poetic storytelling since 2019.

Photo: Julie Madsen


Edit is very active on the poetry slam scenes in Denmark in Danish and English since 2016.

A Leader

  • Edit has a  BA (Hons) in Theatre and Performance from Bretton Hall/The University of Leeds in England.

Edit has been a part of the leading team in " 2b Acting"  (a "digital media and theatre company") since 2004 and is still a very aktiv member.

Edit has amongst other worked as an actor,director,  performance artist, script writer and idea developer in England. (2009)

The Royal Theatre

Edit has since 2018 performed in Charlottenlund slot  (Charlottenlund Castle), Det Kongelige Teater -Skuespilhusets Foyer (The Royal) Theatre) and Krudttønden to mention a few

Knitting Artist

Edit has since 2016 facilitated loomknitting workshops for children and adults.

Edit has created loomknit art since 2018